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Plumbr: Java memory leak detector

This article is to inform you that I will be performing a review and trial of the Plumbr Java memory leak detector tool. This review will be available from this Blog along with the sample (leaking) Java EE program I created for that purpose.

Plumbr tool creator’s mission

I can assure you that Java memory leaks can be quite complex to solve as there are different memory leak patterns and the analysis phase can be tricky; especially when you attempt to differentiate between leaking Java objects and healthy memory footprint.

That being said, I agree with Plumbr creators that Java memory leak analysis should not be only reserved to Java experts; this is one of the reasons I created this Blog at the first place, for the less experienced Java EE individuals who desire to learn key problem patterns such as Java memory leaks and how to resolve them.

Learning these advanced troubleshooting principles is always easier when we are equipped with the proper tools.

Plumbr’s primary objective is to assist you in your troubleshooting effort by learning about your Java / Java EE application and then to detect potential memory leak source(s) and location(s) within your implementation.

Now let’s begin...

Please bookmark this article and stay tuned for the full review and case study.


Did you write the review? It seems that plumbr has launched a new version, would you recommend using it?

Hi Dean,

I'm still reviewing and testing their last version. The review should be available soon. So far the product looks promising as it has a low footprint and is able to monitor and pinpoint OldGen / tenured space memory leaks.

I recommend that you explore their evaluation version.

Please stay tuned for the review.


Hello Pierre-Hugues,

so ? Is Plumbr the silver bullet of mem leak analysis ? So many developpers are waiting for your feedd back on this product ;o)


Hi Emmanuel and thanks for your comments,

Unfortunately I have not been able to publish this review sooner due to work load for some of my IT clients and I apologize for that.

I'm planning to release such review of Plumbr during Holiday season and provide listing of benefits vs. static Heap Dump analysis. I see a LOT of benefits of using Pumblr either as a standalone Java Heap analysis tool or combined also with static Heap Dump analysis.

Given the experience I have with MAT and other Heap Dump analysis tool, this will allow me to guide developers and support individuals into this process.

Please stay tuned for an update on this one.


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