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Top 10 Java EE performance problems

Performance problems are one of the biggest challenges to expect when designing and implementing Java EE related technologies. Some of these common problems can be faced when implementing either lightweight or large IT environments; which typically include several distributed systems from Web portals & ordering applications to enterprise service bus (ESB), data warehouse and legacy Mainframe storage systems.

It is very important for IT architects and Java EE developers to understand their client environments and ensure that the proposed solutions will not only meet their growing business needs but also ensure a long term scalable & reliable production IT environment; and at the lowest cost possible. Performance problems can disrupt your client business which can result in short & long term loss of revenue.

This article will consolidate and share the top 10 causes of Java EE performance problems I have encountered working with IT & Telecom clients over the last 10 years along with high level recommendations.

>>>>>>> The full article is available at DZone: Top 10 Causes of Java EE Enterprise Performance Problems


I read and shared that article on Dzone P-H and I must say worth reading. I am just wondering why not you have full post here, it would have been much better. Anyway thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping all of us.

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