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Java video tutorials: A picture is worth a thousand words

This is my first post for 2013. I want to thank all my readers for their great feedback and comments from the various articles I posted in 2012.

It is sometimes quite difficult to truly show and explain some troubleshooting techniques via articles only. For 2013, on top of my regular posting, I will be introducing tutorial and troubleshooting videos. These training videos will be available for free from YouTube. I really hope that you will appreciate this addition. Watch for a new Videos section from the top navigation bar.

I’m really looking forward for your suggestions and recommendations on what type of tutorials and videos you would like to watch and learn. Here are some examples:

  • Live Thread Dump analysis tutorial
  • Live Heap Dump analysis tutorial
  • JVM monitoring and tuning
  • JVM verbose:gc live analysis
  • Java CPU troubleshooting
  • JVisualVM tutorial
  • Weblogic & JBoss console management
  • Weblogic & JBoss monitoring
  • Java & Java EE sample program create via Eclipse
  • Many more…

Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau


Hello Pierre-Hugues,

First, thank you for the fine blog. I enjoy reading what you have written.

For JEE ideas, how about a video or two on distributed transactions? This topic is sometimes mysterious, and I think one where there is much potential for shared education.

I look forward to the videos!

Best Regards,


Hello I'm Seunghwa Mun from South Korea who is working for Samsung.
The idea that you mentioned above is great.

Your knowlege and experience will be better understood by S/W engineers.
It is appreciate that if you provide scripts with youtube video clips for Non-English people and if you agree, I can translate it in Korean..
If you want me to do so.. Please contact my e-mail... (mshrecruit@gmail.com)

Hope you prosper in 2013!!

Thanks Rick, really appreciate your comments.

Distributed transactions is definitely not a trivial topic. I acquire most of my experience and exposure while working with Oracle Weblogic Integration BPM, which is using two-phase commit (2PC) quite a lot internally.

I'm sure I can prepare a tutorial and video on this topic.


Hi Okim,

It is nice to have readers from South Korea & Samsung engineers.

I like your idea about script translation, I will see what I can do in order to share the scripts so you can translate in native Korean language and email you if required.

Thanks again.

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