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Java Performance Optimization - DZone Refcard

This post is to inform you that I published recently a recent refcard on Java Performance Optimization which is now available from DZone. Refcardz are basically “Cheat Sheets” which can be very useful for Developers and Application Support individuals.

I highly recommend that you download your own copy today, it is FREE!

For now, find below a small teaser:

It is possible to define “optimal performance” in different ways, but the basic elements are: the ability of a Java program to perform its computing tasks within the business response time requirements, and the ability of an application to fulfill its business functions under high volume, in a timely manner, with high reliability and low latency. Sometimes the numbers themselves become patternized: for some major websites, a page response time of 500ms maximum per user function is considered optimal. This Refcard will include target numbers when appropriate, but in most cases you will need to decide these on your own, based on business requirements and existing performance benchmarks…”

Please feel free to comment and ask me any question on this subject.

Thank you.


Congrats for this excellent refcardz, which shows a lot of very interesting things in a few pages. Moreover, a number of references to explore deeper the various aspects of performance tuning in Java.

Thank you Oliver, I am glad that you found it useful.


Great refcardz. It covers a large topic and with many recommendation at each section. Very good guide indeed.

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