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Oracle Open World and Java One 2016 summary later this week

This post is to inform you that I will publish later this week a summary of the highlights last September of my on-site visit in San Francisco and areas of focus for 2017.

I will also publish a few YouTube videos later this month and demonstrate certain trending technologies and some latest Java & JVM troubleshooting techniques.

Please stay tuned.

Thank you.


Java 8 Performance Optimization - DZone Refcard Update

I am happy to inform you that I published recently an update to the existing refcard on Java Performance Optimization which is now available from DZone. The updated material now better reflects the Java 8 features and provides a dedicated section and guidelines about the JVM Metaspace.

I recommend that you download your FREE copy today.

For now, find below a small snippet:

By default, the Metaspace memory space is unbounded and will use the available process and/or OS native memory available for dynamic expansions. The memory space is divided into chunks and allocated by the JVM via mmap.We recommend keeping the default, dynamic resize mode as a starting point for simpler sizing combined with close monitoring of your application metadata footprint over time for optimal capacity planning…”

Thank you.


DZone's Guide to Building and Deploying Applications on the Cloud

This post is to inform you that DZone has just released a great guide regarding Building and Deploying Applications on the Cloud. I recommend that you download your copy today!

Here is a snippet:

Overhyped or not, the cloud has deeply changed how we build and run software—and not just because IaaSes make VMs trivial to spin up and PaaSes make environments easy to set up. As a user you know what’s changed, and you understand the concept “as a service” (well, ever since you started running *nix); and, thank goodness, you don’t really have to worry about the physical details that make those services run.