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Java Monitoring

Proper performance monitoring is crucial when developing and supporting Java applications. This page provides a consolidated and split view of all monitoring related articles from this Blog. 

We will cover topics such as:
  • Java and JVM monitoring tutorials.
  • Java EE and middleware (Oracle Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, RedHat JBoss..) monitoring tutorials.
  • Web Application monitoring software's and tutorials.
  • Network monitoring software's and tutorials.
  • Monitoring & troubleshooting product review (Open-Source and commercial)

Java & JVM Monitoring


Software Review

available soon


Hi, How to check if particular process is in hung state.

Hi ,thanks for your valuable contribution as we dont get much information from a support perspective.
Can you plz put some light on above mentioned topics if you have already done the analysis.


Please note that I will be creating more articles regarding Java monitoring in 2014 and consolidate them through this page.

Thank you for your support.

Hi P-H,

When are you going to publish an article for Java Monitoring???
Waiting for your article.

Hi ,
You are awesome man,waiting for your articles on JVM monitoring

Thanks. After a very busy 2014 year, you can expect more regular publishing in 2015.


Wait continues in 2015 as well !!

How to check if particular process is in hung state....
Best way i can think of is greping through the sysout log (WAS) with word hung.

Hi Amit,

For IBM WAS, hung threads will be seen from the sysout log as you mentioned. However, this does not indicate that the entire WAS node is in hung state, just that one particular Thread is taking too much time e.g. more than 5-10 minutes to execute a request.


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