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Free Thread Dump analyzer

This post is to inform you that I currently offer free Thread Dump analysis via email or real-time case study from my Blog. I currently have 10 years of experience with Java EE and Thread Dump analysis from different JVM vendors (Sun, IBM, JRockit etc.).

A JVM Thread Dump provides crucial information on your Java EE server (Weblogic, JBoss, WAS etc.) and application Thread processing and health. Thread dump analysis is one of the most important skills to acquire for any Java EE production support person.

Why is my consulting service free? My goal is to simply create a solid knowledge base of Thread Dump problem patterns on my Blog and share with Java EE production support individuals.

Thread Dump analysis – a simple 3 steps process

1)       Email me @phcharbonneau with your Thread Dump snapshot data (captured during your incident). Please also provide the specifications of your environment (Java EE server vendor & version, Java VM vendor and version etc.) and a high level description of your problem
2)       Wait for my initial reply. I will do my best to provide you with a quick answer in less than 24 hours along with possible root causes
3)       With your approval, I may create a Thread Dump problem pattern case study on my Blog to share your Java EE problem along with its resolution to my other readers with no detail on your application name, code or client information

Thank you and looking forward to hear from your problems!



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